Thursday, May 10, 2012

A great sermon by Fr Tom Hopko on monogamy

Radical Monogamy. Do not be alarmed that I am linking to Ancient Faith Radio. As I said before, I am sure there is quite a lot of great content in there, and Fr Tom's stuff is good. It would not be healthy to listen to this and then listen to 10 other sermons, and it may not even be healthy to listen to one of his sermons every day. There's a lot to chew on. The last article I posted was a talk at a retreat 11 years ago, I saw the article maybe 7 years ago, and I have periodically referred to it ever since with great profit. I think it is more important to have a few things that are good that you refer back to consistently and know well than to have a flood of cheap information of high quality. With a flood, you'll miss the gems and trick yourself into thinking you understand more than you do. Socratic ignorance is not the start of apophaticism ("the cloud of unknowing"), but it might perhaps be a prerequisite.

And an aside:

And yif we wil ententifly preie for getyng of goodes, lat us crie, outher with worde or with thought or with desire, nought elles, ne no mo wordes, bot this worde God. For whi in God ben alle goodes.. Fille thi spirit with the goostly bemenyng of it withoutyn any specyal beholdyng to any of His werkes whether thei be good, betir, or alther best, bodily or goostly—or to any vertewe that may be wrought in mans soule by any grace, not lokyng after whether it be meeknes or charité, pacyence or abstynence, hope, feith, or sobirnes, chastité or wilful poverté. What thar reche in contemplatyves?.. thei coveyte nothing with specyal beholdyng, bot only good God. Do thou.. mene God al, and al God, so that nought worche in thi witte and in thi wile, bot only God.
EDIT: More on the subject of reading a few things and reading them often. There was a story of some bad tsar, perhaps Ivan the Terrible, being given a copy of the funeral service and being told to read it daily. It's a very good idea, I did it for a while, and that is why it is on the side bar. You can just read over it. I highly recommend it. This being the paschal season, perhaps it is better to read over the paschal canon for now. I don't mean to suggest too many things. I should amend the list on the side, too, I have some different articles to put up there now.

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