Tuesday, June 06, 2006

good God, what have I done? [it's marvellous]

This last week, I moved all of my email to gmail and Thunderbird, consolidating them into one place [more or less]. Then, I started playing Nethack. I stopped caring about message boards/web-logs/community sites and such because they were completely eclipsed by the wonders of Nethack. And then I suddenly stopped feeling like caring about Nethack. And now what? I suddenly don't have any ways to waste time on the internet while I'm working on stuff. Checking email is trivial, no more plausibly wasting time by going through four different webmail things to check all my accounts. No more message boards, I don't care what anybody says about anything. No more Nethack, it suddenly got old. I suppose this just leaves me more time to read French newspapers on the web? But that can only be done for so long. I think this might be it.

Of course, web-logging itself is a fine way of wasting time, but I can't write a short post for five minutes every hour if I want to keep quality up. It simply isn't done.

In other news, it turns out I pulled a 3.8 last quarter. Totally undeserved, but I'm happy to have it.

School's Out For Summer

School's out forever.

It's the future!

That's about as personal as this web-log gets, I think.