Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At least he isn't crazy.

On some other message board somewhere, in the land of crazy people talking about Orthodoxy (why are they all crazy on the internet?), some guy started a thread complaining about how his priest wasn't hard enough on him in confession. Namely, he uses pornography and such and wanted practical advice about kicking the habit. The priest, however, according to his impressions, was basically saying, "Yeah, whatevs, stop doing it, it's bad. Okay, let's talk about the other stuff." At the time, I said, in my infinite wisdom, that it's a specific problem and the priest might not have the specific resources to help him deal with it. Big deal, go to SA or something, get professional help, whatever. He's not being a bad priest.

Recently, though, somebody brought up how utterly weird this stuff can get. In retrospect, I think the guy should be grateful his priest isn't some weird fellow who wants to get involved with this sort of stuff (perhaps helpfully, perhaps not). This stuff can get downright crazy. However, some people, it seems, want the crazy. Not sure what can be done for them. Perhaps they can all get on a boat and sail to an island that they can have for themselves.