Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more chess

Based on my results on the overall test (which were illuminating), I decided I should take the tactics test. The results were amazing (as opposed to merely illuminating). They were, overall, quite good (around 1800ish), but, on drilling down, that figure proved very misleading. I was rated over 2000 (!) in several areas, peaking at 2360 (!!) on one, but had abysmal scores on others (low of around 1270!!). That, my friends, is a big variation. It also clearly indicates where the least application of effort will yield the biggest results and where it would be fruitless, at the moment, to push forward.

EDIT, FURTHER RESULTS: After looking more carefully, it seems I'm very good at immediate tactics and not very good at preparatory tactics. That is magnificent. Brilliant! That is my problem in a nutshell. Good at the quick, easy, superficial things, not good at the stuff that requires a little more depth and complex synthesis. Illuminating, revealing, and completely thematic. The scales have fallen off my eyes.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stuff Orthodox Converts Like

So, the other day, I discovered Stuff White People Like. If you're not familiar with it, apparently white people like Graduate School, The Idea of Soccer, Whole Foods, Wrigley Field, and Coffee. Well, fair enough. I had the brilliant idea of doing my own spin-off, "Stuff Orthodox Converts Like", but, alas, Lent begins tomorrow, and that sort of commentary is really not appropriate during a penitential season. You will have to wait until after Pascha to see why Orthodox converts like monks, antinomianism, and making fun of the West.