Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I was going to shave in shame...

...but it's far too cold for that. But, fortunately, that woman is gone for a week with half the office [and all the women, incidentally] to $some_other_city on business, so I get a reprieve, a week to make myself ugly, and a week to find somebody who needs to get married in a rush [or at least engaged] so I can make my escape [or to find a monastery who'll take me despite my student loans, but I doubt they'd like that I'm just there to flee somebody]. So instead I'll let the beard grow unruly in shame? Or is the cold snap to be taken as God's just punishment on those who must shave their beards and possibly their heads in shame?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Q: What the?

Serious question: What the hell is up with people who don't believe in global warming? Do they just enjoy being contrarian and not know much about anything, or are they genuinely stupid and not just ignorant?

EDIT: they are possibly insane or morally compromised.


This comic expresses so many of my attitudes about myself. Well, not really, even in caricature, but it is awesome.