Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goal Progress

1. Still not crushing enemies.
2. Battling a little cosmic evil.
3. Some progress on justice.
4. I forget what I was at when I wrote this. I'm around 114kg right now.
5. Not really doing well on this. Not taking an exam this spring, which pushes things back. I am taking a class though and doing decently. I'll take another, maybe 2, in the fall. And maybe do an exam, but I'm not sure. The classes will be relatively low impact, so I might. But they take time...
6. Not playing much chess. I did look over some puzzles recently.
7. I competed at a powerlifting meet and totaled 475kg. 500 should be very easy this year. I might be able to hit it right now, actually. I'm competing in a weightlifting meet in July. I don't think I'll hit 225kg, but I might make it by the end of the year.