Friday, December 02, 2011

What's in the news.

So I've kind of been thinking about returning to school to do research in statistics or operations research. There are a lot of possibilities. One that looks kind of cool is stochastic combinatorial optimization. Y'know. It's combinatorial optimization. Except stochastic. Think, like, Monte Carlo or Las Vegas algorithms. Or getting into other types of stochastic systems modeling or algorithms stuff. Generally, stochastic programming. Or something more along the lines of statistical computing, namely, researching new methods for getting meaningful knowledge out of data. I'm starting to fiddle around on Kaggle. There's a common thread through all of that, making decisions under uncertainty.

Anyway, so I'm applying to a handful of schools and seeing where that goes. If I don't get in anywhere, well, okay, too bad, I'll get on with my life.