Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Monday, June 06, 2011

Review of recent non-OCA parishes

I have barely been in $HOME_PARISH for the last month because of travels and other nonsense, so I will post a brief review of the non-OCA parishes I visited.

Mostly Russian ROCOR Church in Texas
Pros: pretty much all Slavonic, had an exhibit of 17th-19th century Russian icons that weekend, had a panikhida for soldiers because of Victory Day, sermon mentioned the names of myrrh-bearing women, very Russian.
Cons: slow style of serving. I probably would've been out at 1pm if I hadn't ducked out.

Mostly Convert ROCOR Church in Virginia
Pros: cute little country church.
Neutral things: did the service of preparation for communion before liturgy.
Cons: I thought the service was starting at 9:30 or something like that instead of 10.

Greek Church in Nebraska
Pros: quite Greek, priest had a decent voice, still not Pentecost so no kneeling on Sunday.
Cons: an organ and pews.

I guess I can review my own parish, too, for the month.

gzt's OCA Parish (a couple weeks ago)
Pros: had a hierarchical liturgy, it's a good bishop, service still moves quickly and starts early.
Cons: regular choir director on vacation, gzt is incompetent at hierarchical liturgies despite having a comprehensive manual, gzt no longer outranks the children.

I hope, dear readers, this will help you discern the phronema with your nous.