Sunday, June 03, 2007

two things: chess and wings night.

  1. I am addicted to the Chess Tactics Server. Specifically, I'm trying to climb as I prepare to make my glorious comeback in the world of chess. Right now I'm at 1445 and in the top 50% and my end goal is to scrape my way over the big hump at 1500. I started rather low and had to fight my way up 10 points at a time. It's hard to climb over 1300 if you start down there with a low RD because they give you lots of easy problems to solve quickly and very few of a rating level that makes real gains possible, so you have to fight for every .05 points or whatever, solving a dozen easy problems flawlessly in no time and then nailing the one reasonable problem you do get.
  2. I encourage everybody in the HP area to make it to Wings Night at The Pub tomorrow, even if you are vegetarian or a teetotaler, even temporarily. When else would I see you? ANSWER: never.