Wednesday, November 01, 2006

on good news

I heard from a conservative web-log for peace that a Lutheran pastor whose work I had thought was quite "nifty" decided to convert to Orthodoxy. Now, that's awesome news, I'm very glad for it, but it raises a point about Protestantism. It seems less possible every day for a Protestant to earnestly step towards historic Christianity without abandoning Protestantism. Now, I'm an ideologue and really can't even see how Protestantism is possible, much less desirable [as if desire were important when seeking truth], but it always gave me some hope for dialogue to see some Protestants respecting the first 1500 years of history. And it seems every one of the people who does that whom I like quits being a Protestant as I watch. Now, there are some Protestants who purport to do that whose work I don't like at all [Touchstone, that rag, recently wrote about a number of them], such as the "Ancient-Future" folks, and for all I know they'll always be Protestant or they may convert tomorrow, but the people whose work I really do dig just keep jumping ship. It's disturbing. One possible set of exceptions: Anglicans whose work I dig, but they wiggle about whether they're really Protestants or not. And seriously: who do I look to as a good example for Lutherans now? Certainly not the seminary down the road with a rainbow flag and women in training for the pastorate.

EDIT: Though I can see how most Protestants wouldn't have a problem with women in the pastorate, as there doesn't seem to be much about what they have the pastor do that could not be or is not already done by a woman by their own admission if not for a debatable scriptural proposition to the contrary, though, with the sacramental views of Lutherans, I would not think they generally fall under such arguments. The fanatics, as Luther called them, however, should have no principled objection, though it seems they are the only ones still objecting.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

At least the dark don't hide it.

I had some ideas for a post to write, but I've forgotten them all. But let me just say that 4:49 sunsets are pretty lame.