Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This year's resolutions

Once again, I will battle cosmic evil.

I'm giving up the fiction that I'm doing enough strength training seriously enough that I can ignore my weight - I'm just too busy - so I'll just accept that my powerlifting total is going to stagnate around 500kg and drop some bodyweight until I'm less busy.

I'll do a lot more programming.

"More rain" isn't really a resolution, but it's a good thing to hope for in a drought.

I'll try to avoid any more controversy about Metropolitan Jonah, Rod Dreher, OCATruth, and whatever. They are the source of a lot of my random web traffic as, even now, people keep searching for "what happened to metropolitan jonah" (lowercase because that's how the search result is reported). I don't know what happened to him and this web-log will not help you find out. I'm not even in the OCA anymore!

I'm also planning on getting a "professional" web site and web-log up for my professional interests (statistical research).

I also resolve not to vote for any tax increases or gun restrictions this year. There is no political problem that can't be solved by lowering taxes further and buying more guns.