Friday, July 13, 2007

I am ready for Science

Because of some conversations I had about the very subject, I was looking at some things I used to read and write (the above link is something I read and not, alas, something I wrote). I suppose it is a bit narcissistic, but I find myself to be an avid reader of myself. At times (viz: recently) my output has slowed or been incomprehensibly boring, and on this web-log I refrain from most of the interesting types of narrative that make my diaries most worthwhile. I suppose I took inspiration from reading through the edited journals of several great men and realizing what a delight it is to read their thoughts. I thought, surely I could do the same, and started writing my own, to my great delight. I realize that you, Dear Reader, may not enjoy the exercise as much as I do. As long as I don't have any delusions about being the next Montaigne, I think things will be "all right". I don't know, why not have a series of "The Best of GZT: Seasons 1-5"? Why not? I've been promising it since Season Three. Watch this space for further details.