Saturday, March 10, 2007

various things

1. Lent always makes me realize I'm a gravely wicked man, but usually it has more to do with me than with Lent intervening. I watched The Robe the other day, it was a bit schmaltzy, but the corny stylized repentance of the man who had Christ nailed to the cross was edifying to someone [viz, me] in my state of mind.
2. The new jorb is going fine, I'm going to have to learn SAS and data mining and that sort of stuff. I don't know a bloody thing about programming or databases (well, not quite true on the former, but I maintain a studied ignorance of the latter, since it's what my dad does for a living). This'll give me a jump on it, I suppose, I won't need to know it for a few months.
3. I was thinking about awesome names for children, and then I realized all the ones I'd been thinking about were the names of the children of St Nicholas II the Passion Bearer. Except for Olga, it doesn't quite sound the same in English, though I suppose the tsar and his wife already knew that, since they spoke to each other primarily in English, so why should I not consider that name as well? So it'll be in the pot if I should ever be so blessed as to have four daughters (purely academic at this point).
4. Pokey, I love the future.
5. I need new glasses. Glasses that say, "I will analyze your data and I am very young, but not so young you shouldn't give me giant sacks of cash. Trust me, I am a trained professional." My current ones have the eccentric mathematician thing going for them, but they're quite scratched and still a bit crooked from that time I was in a car being hit on the head by a 4-yr-old for a few hours until they broke. They exude the "I'm a poor math student" vibe.
6. I will be in church tonight.
7. I'm a bit annoyed that the new "blogger" is not capable of autoformatting numbered lists.
8. Internal corporate stylesheets dictate the use of "e-mail" rather than "email". I am so very happy.