Thursday, January 07, 2010

this year's resolutions

I had some success with last year's resolutions. I didn't get a new job, but I was busy getting married at the time. I also didn't pack my lunch as often as I could have. But, anyway, this year's resolutions.
1. I will not crush my enemies in 2010.
2. Battle cosmic evil.
3. Seek justice.
4. Acquire more weight, but probably cut down to 110kg sometime before the end of the year.
5. Get out of this crummy job into a real one in the fall. I'm starting the process in the fall, so it might not resolve this year. But I'm taking a class and taking an exam in the spring, so, there we go.
6. Play chess, not too seriously, but solve a few puzzles and maybe play one game per week.
7. Olympic lifting total of 225kg, PL total of 450kg. I could probably hit 250 and 500, but I want modest goals, given how busy I will be. A month ago, I said I'd enter at least one meet this year, but recent developments have caused me to reconsider that, based on time, expense, predictable availability...