Friday, June 23, 2006

back in town

it's great to be back, but everything is conspiring against me. only two things have gone right so far: i got a free lunch and i got the wireless set up without a hitch. i has had crunch berries for dinner, which was fine. the only unresolved business is friggin getting me a bloody key that works. and maybe a desk. and a job. right now it looks like all i've got is being a lab rat and being in the pool of available math tutors, which could get me through the summer, but not much longer.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

on second thought

I don't like these last few posts at all. So I'll talk about other things.

I think this possibility of becoming a quant [even temporarily] is bringing out the worst side of me. I mean, I'm already starting to scope out BMW's and I'm not even employed [a used Z3 seems the most economical way to make an entry into that world, but I'll refrain from posting my analysis]. And my cheeks - they're just so smooth. The depths I've fallen to and I don't even know what "uncovered interest rate parity" is yet! Bah.

EDIT: though I should note that I don't have the exact background needed to become a real quant per se, but something in the genre.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

on the ecusa presiding bishop

After waking up next to a bowl of wet salad, I decided today is a good day I think for commenting on Anglican church politics. I for one do not see what the brouhaha is about. If one ordains women to the priesthood, one must not have a problem with consecrating women to the episcopacy. If one consecrates women to the episcopacy, one must not have a problem with making a woman the presiding bishop of one's national church. Female ordination is not going to go away in the ECUSA and it never will. Those who have a problem with it in the worldwide Anglican Communion and the ECUSA have known this for years. This event should not be big for those opposed to women's ordination, though I suppose it is big for those who are for it. Hence my suspicion of those who make loud noises about the whole thing.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

on the sacrament

So I picked up my dad after his protestant gathering was over this morning, and he asked how Church was, and I am never able to have a good answer to the question, so I said, "Fine." It's more a matter of what it is rather than how it is, after all.

Well, I'm only human, "how" it is matters a little bit to me, but, especially if I'm not serving in the altar, it's very hard for the liturgy to go from "fine" to any other state.

But I suppose if one is used to calling "church" things which are not ontologically different from a bad rock concert of music about Jesus with a couple prayers thrown in or a couple people sitting in a coffeeshop doing a Bible study or a classroom lecture about the significance of the phrase ο κατεχων, the "how" becomes very important - not to degrade the "what" and its significance in this instance, because I do think all three of those examples have their place and importance in a well-ordered life which gives glory to God [well, perhaps not the first, but I'm up for the other two any day of the week]. But there's more to this life and the worship of our God.