Monday, October 02, 2006

two things

I got a lame temporary job today to tide me over for a while [well, if the orientation day tomorrow doesn't weed me out somehow], hence I had a celebratory lunch at a greasy hot dog stand [I forgot the hot peppers, unfortunately]. Then I got my test results which means a celebratory "dinner" at the Stab'n'Grab [aka Kimbark].

EDIT: In about 20 minutes I'm meeting with a potential new client. I was the course assistant for the course she wants tutoring in 3 times, so it should be a shoo-in. Will I go 3 for 3? Stay tuned.

EDIT: in which mr thompson gets a hat trick! and then runs into a friend on his way home and arranges to grab a drink at some point in the future! and then runs into chris and discusses stuff! it is, all in all, a Good Day!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

traitor to the cause

I... sold my Dummit and Foote. The cover was in dreadful shape from far too much loving use. So I figured it would be best to pass it on and make the solemn vow to buy a new one when it is possible. But, it still feels wrong. After all, "traitor" comes from a Latin name for those who gave over the books of the Church when the persecutors came knocking. I once thought about selling my Apte, a friend of mine wanted it and it was falling apart [the curse of Indian printing], but I could not assent to it. It would have been too much. I had no qualms about getting rid of Lang's Complex and many other such books, they were simply worthless or worth less or something. But certain books define the trade, and one can't pretend to have gotten a degree in the mathematical sciences without having a beaten old copy of Dummit and Foote around or have learned Sanskrit sans Apte [or some similar dictionary] any more than a theologian can get by without a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church lurking somewhere [even if they're not Catholic]. If I had my way, I'd never part with any book except to gift them to those who would appreciate it.