Friday, March 25, 2011

I think the priest is exactly right...

And "OCATruth" is exactly wrong on every single point of this article:

One of the best/worst quotes: "That is an indictment on the Synod for not squashing the suspicion that something nefarious isn’t [sic] afoot." Absolutely terrible. The Synod owes an anonymous web-logger nothing. This is pure Fox News.

Another: "As for the statements made about Fr. Ted [Bobosh] and Mark Stokoe, I think that everything we have written is easily defensible. If anything it has given Fr. Ted an opportunity to clarify himself." Fr. Ted Bobosh owes an anonymous web-logger nothing. However, an anonymous web-logger most certainly has a duty to be charitable in his readings. At the very least, he could commit libel using his own name, not a twee pseudonym.

This web-log is not exactly anonymous, though my name isn't listed anywhere. I'm quite glad to respond to any and all inquiries and if you meet me in person I think it would be quite clear that I am the author of this web-log. My initials, shown above, are quite distinctive and my interests are, too. I refrain from publishing my name to avoid the Google, not identification.