Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Goal recap

Looking back on 2010's goals and thinking of this year's goals.
1. Did not crush many enemies.
2. Battled some cosmic evil.
3. Sought a little justice.
4. Did gain some weight and then lose some.
5. Didn't quite escape from the jorb, but, yes, I actually did do this. Won't comment publicly.
6. Didn't really do this.
7. PL total way over 500kg now, but not quite there on the olympic lifts.

This year's goals:
The first three are always the same.
4. Definitely escape the jorb this year or make it (pay) significantly better.
5. Indulge in some sort of "intellectual stimulation hobby" like chess or what-have-you on a regular basis. I've been playing cards a bit lately. Something with measurable levels of achievement and the potential for high levels of potential intellectual involvement.
6. PL total of 600 might be a bit much to shoot for. 550 is a little low. I'll still say 600. 230-140-230? I'm not going to have an OL goal.

EDIT: Adding a goal.
7. I suppose I should have some sort of goal about more regular social event type things, like board gaming nights or card game nights, especially since there are now quite a few sets of young couples around.