Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prediction Update.

So now that we've finished the semester, we can comment on some of my predictions.

  1. Too early to comment on Steve King.
  2. The Cubs are 17-29, so they're on pace.
  3. Not yet, but there are rumblings of another one coming up!
  4. I was apparently hedging my bets too much, though I was wrong about Utah, they did issue a "stay" on the ruling.
  5. Sherlock was pretty great.
  6. It looks like Bitcoin may stabilize. The IRS ruled that it is treated as property, not as, say, "foreign currency". However, I was definitely correct that it's technolibertarian nonsense.
David Brooks has been and continues to be a wanker.

A less ambitious setting of "Blessed is the Man"

The previous setting, of course, is a bit ambitious for an average choir and is probably distracting for most people. Most OCA churches seem to like doing the Bailey setting, which is a fine setting. He apparently wrote it at age 22, if I can do the math correctly. Anyway, here's another setting that sounds nice, is in English, and is also composed by an American Orthodox composer:

Sheet music is available on his web page: Kurt Sander Score Downloads.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Best setting of "Blessed is the Man"

And the best performance of that setting - Kiev Caves Lavra Chant. I think this is the Novospassky Monastery Choir performing it, but it doesn't say.

New Hobby: Nous

My new hobby is, whenever anybody refers to the "nous", to pretend they're speaking French poorly and also think they're therefore referring to something that has to do with the Paris School.

Also, "phronema" is a misspelling for "phenomena".

Not that I run into people who use those terms unironically anymore.