Friday, August 09, 2013

How strength training is going

Because you're all interested. I've been able to make it to the gym a little bit more regularly lately, which is good. I'm not terribly regular, but things are going okay. I'm using a program that's kind of like 5/3/1: basically, one main lift per day plus some assistance.

Anyway, I competed in the Iowa Games Strongman competition and tied for second place - this is not a terribly significant achievement. I also pressed 185# and have a 1245# powerlifting total (465/265/515) (330 Wilks). This is pretty okay. Those are all lifts I've done this week.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It should be possible...

It really should be possible to write a script that takes a given stikhera text and a tone and spits out Obikhod sheet music. Perhaps I would be willing to do a little finagling with the text - separating syllables and marking the spots. Those are tricky things to tell a script to figure out. But once you have that, the rest is just a rather simple algorithm.

There exists a program, Lilychant, that interacts with Lilypond, but it seems to require too much specialized human input, so that's not quite what I want. Maybe I'm wrong, I'll take another look maybe.

Again, starting small. Just Obikhod. From a given text.

EDIT: actually, looking at it, it seems Lilychant might do just what I want.