Friday, August 31, 2012

The Civil War was about slavery

And that's also one of the things the Alamo was about - though certainly not the only thing.

Anyway, school is going fine, the Greek church is okay, disc golf is spotty, picking up heavy things has suffered - haven't really found a way into the gym much. I'm still pretty inconsistent in my driving - Some of the lessons are sinking in, but I'm definitely taking a couple steps back before taking some steps forward in terms of my playing ability. The round I played before the last was definitely one of the worst I can remember. I even lost a disc. The one I played today was okay - a couple major blunders, a couple good shots, a couple great shots, a few birdies or birdie-able shots. I overshot a 334-ft hole by 30 ft accidentally - I gave it a light touch but it kept going. I didn't sink the put, but I hit 2 of my mulligan putts. My putting is definitely getting a bit better these days.

So, anyway, that's the boring stuff.