Tuesday, December 26, 2006

reunion date set

Speaking of which, anybody interested in catching Nativity Old Style this year? Or at least the vigil? Not necessarily ROCOR [it's quite a hike], possibly Serbian if it's closer? It's a good excuse to visit the Slavs and see how it all really should be done.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

score one for the papists

After reading some positively vomit-inducing remarks by an Orthodox convert from Catholicism about how spiffy Orthodoxy is, I took to thinking about the book I just finished, Brideshead Revisited. Quite unfortunately, such a book would be impossible in modernity if the characters were Orthodox and not Catholic, and this is a major strike against Orthodoxy. None of the characters could licitly divorce, and rightly so. None of the characters could licitly remarry, and rightly so. Julia and Charles, in the end, have to give up their affair and live as celibates, and rightly so. Such is the Law of God. Quite thankfully, they are in the end given the grace needed to live their lives as such. The modern Orthodox methodology, however, would probably let at least one of the couples "off the hook", if not more. Quite fortunately, we have not gotten so far as to possibly ever allow Julia and Charles "off the hook" and let them marry each other, but even taking the first steps down that path is horrible. So, kudos to you, Roman Catholics, for getting one right and, in the process, producing great literature. I believe that's what's known as a "twofer".

EDIT: how ridiculously pathological it is that, in the free moments I have waiting to leave for the great city of $HOMETOWN I am writing web-log entries about how lame some fanatics are and how awesome Catholics are. I'd link to the post I refer to, but I haven't found a way to direct you to a version that won't make your eyes bleed. And, don't worry, if I did so, I would tell the person who wrote the post, I'm not one for anonymous hit-and-run type stuff.

EDIT: I just added a link to a post I made about this same fellow earlier. I believe he was also elliptically-referred to here, but it was quite likely somebody else.