Sunday, December 09, 2007

the mystery of the archives

Anyways, so I've been reading, with immense joy, the archives of my divers writings scattered throughout the Internets. Most of what I write is completely memorable to me, but, occasionally, I run into something completely mysterious. For some context, I jokingly wrote frequently while in school about dropping out and becoming a goatherd, marrying suddenly, being tricked into being a monk, other such matters. Now:
In other news, I realized I could never be a monk because there are certain genres of people who I absolutely cannot stand to be around and it would be just my luck that I'd probably be in a small monastery with at least one such person. I've read Thomas Merton's journals, it's inevitable! But, quite fortunately for me, I happen to be the sort of person who really ought to be married [at least, according to Woman].
This was from sometime around Christmas of '05. I have no idea whatsoever what "Woman" this could be referring to. Later citations of that idea attached it to St Paul's counsel and, until today, I thought that had always been the case. Reading the archives around that date, of course, would not be any help in jogging my memory, since every woman is referred to as "Woman". It is all a mystery, especially as I cannot recall any person with whom I would have had such a conversation, at least at that date.