Thursday, August 17, 2006


I solved the work vs. non-work dilemma for today: it seems I accidentally broke xorg.conf, so I'm dinking around with that rather than working. I'm going to look into running DSL within Windows to hack at it. Should be fun.

But, another dilemma: so I got invited by a Charismatic to watch a movie [Narnia] and participate in a discussion at her church tomorrow evening. It is, undoubtedly, some outreach thing. But, I might as well go because I have nothing else to do and love Lewis [not as much of a fan of the movie itself]. Dilemma: go or not? As I'm a guest, there would have to be no trolling. And I might still have to putz around with xorg.conf, after all. Decisions, decisions... I think the fact that it'll be dry might make it a no-go: not because I need alcohol to be sociable, but because it's a good way to keep me amused enough that I don't troll/pull/etc and there's grave danger of such a thing happening at a place like this.

EDIT: I didn't get it all fixed and working out like it should, so I just put it back to the perfectly-adequate default configuration. Now: I might get some work done.

I am terrified by everything, from the smallest gnat to the mystery of the incarnation.


Monday, August 14, 2006

sweet: another gig

So I was about to take a nap before doing more studying for a huge friggin' exam I've got tomorrow, and this guy calls me up offering another tutoring gig, he was like, "You sent our company your resume and we like you very much." And I was like, "I don't even remember sending you a resume, nor does googlemail, but I like being given money." So I'm being given the details and maybe the cash. Looks like somebody is going to pay rent next month! Glory to God.

EDIT: After looking at their website, I'm going to first make sure they are able to pay me.

one more time

If I hear somebody say, just one more time, that Orthodoxy in any aspect is somehow "less legalistic than the Romanists", I'll plotz. Perhaps they mean, "more antinomian"? Or are they just secretly holding up a sign saying, "I'm trying to play to your latent anticatholicism to win a proselyte"? Most likely they just don't know what the hell they're talking about.