Friday, July 29, 2011

Good grief, OCA Truth is still silly. Ironic quotes.

Remember the last time a leave of absence was announced, how well that went? Making it public did how much good?
Of course, one could argue that the histrionics of the OCA Truth web site played a large part in "how well that went", given that they were publishing, on average, 2 articles per day.

I think OCA Truth here has succeeded in making another tempest in a molehill. I think they would do well to reconsider what the reply they published said, viz, "What is WRONG with you people that you’re filled with this much hate, pride and animosity?! If I were you, I’d go find something more important to do with your life than needling and ripping apart the Church you belong to." And, finally, I must, of course, comment on the irony of OCA Truth criticizing any web site for being indiscreet. The only thing they were ever discreet about was their own identities.

EDIT: Though it does make me mildly curious who has their hand up the puppet's back that OCA Truth cares so much about Fr Zacchaeus, or at least who would care enough to write them an (anonymous) e-mail for publication about it. Or perhaps everybody involved only cares about justice, transparency, discretion, etc, which is so readily evidenced by the rest of the contents of the OCA Truth web-log. OCA Truth publishes infrequently these days, so it's somewhat intriguing that they pop out and post two articles about some minor figure they've never met who should fade into obscurity (unless some scandal breaks later, but of course it won't if OCA Truth's righteous indignation is well-founded).