Saturday, November 09, 2013

I don't think Barsanuphius is such a bad name

It is one of the prototypical names thrown around as one of those "too wacky" saints names to choose, but I don't think it is so bad. You could nickname the kid "Barney" or "Barry".

"Paphnutios", on the other hand, cannot be rescued. It is unfortunate, though, because it is a fantastic name. It was Chebyshev's name, too, by the way.

Chebyshev (or perhaps better transcribed as Chebyshov) was the man who proved that, for any n, there is a prime p such that n < p < 2n. He was also the advisor of Markov.

Anyway! The point remains, the name sounds odd and there's no good way to obscure it with a nickname (unless you want to nickname the kid "antelope").

Sunday, November 03, 2013

When looking for more stuff making fun of libertarians...

...I ran into some good mockery of Less Wrong, which is really just about the same thing, right?

It's probably about time I went back to making fun of something other than libertarianism, because I'm running low on content (libertarians just don't have enough ideas to sustain continued mockery). Of course, switching to this entails undertaking the existential risk that I will be tortured for all eternity by a superintelligent AI for not doing everything in my power to bring about superintelligent AI. Still, going this way is tempting. If I could just list every logical fallacy, I would be, like, almost completely rational. On the other hand, though, I like discussing politics and, particularly, making fun of libertarians a lot, and this is literally mental suicide.

I think that's about all, really.