Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Assorted thoughts on the New Year

My resolutions will be my usual ones.

It seems my 401(k) went down 3.99%, which is not as bad as I expected based on the last half of the year. Given the limited options available, I think in the next year I might move toward a much more bond-heavy portfolio, as I am not optimistic about the market this year, either. If things were more flexible in the 401(k) and I had the time and skill, I would bet on high variance, but you can't really do that in a 401(k). Anyway, I can't retire yet this year, that's all I know.

I have some secret projects brewing for this year. They're secret, of course, and may not pan out.

I guess what I might also resolve to do this year is pack my lunches more often. Well, that's that, I suppose. Another year.