Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A short list of new enemies

Or, a list of people who can go ---- themselves.

  1. People who say they wish Muslims spoke up more against terrorism. Most egregiously, ISIS. If you're operating in English, there are fewer Muslims than Orthodox Christians, and most of my readers know just as well as I do how small their media footprint in English is if you're not looking for it. What gets me most about this is how little effort these people put in to "disconfirming" their notions. I mean, American Christians aren't too vigorous about dissociating Christianity from the Bush's action in Iraq (which, by the way, was predicated on lies), at least not in Arabic media. Is that a condemnation of Christianity?
  2. Matt Walsh and his ilk. He can go suck a ----.
I thought I had more, but that's really it.